Off-Grid Solar Research

January 10, 2017 - pkcinna

X-Monit is established to provide automation and monitoring software.

Off-Grid Solar - Smart Applicance Managment

There are not many tools to manage small solar panel setups in an off-grid configuration. Off-grid solar is generally limited by the battery bank used to store power. Running air conditioners, heaters, washers, dryers, etc… takes a lot of power which will drain batteries quickly. Because battery technology in the USA is expensive, it is important to manage appliances in a way that minimizes battery use.

X-Monit is developing intelligent power managment software so that appliances are scheduled to run based on available power and what appliances are needed the most. For example, if you turn on a toaster oven and it is using more power than is currently available from the sun, an automated system can temporarily turn off space heaters, defrost cycle of a refrigerator, etc…