Custom Monitoring and Automation Software

Advanced automation with Arduino Mega, Raspberry PI, Prometheus, Nagios, Icinga, OpenHAB, IFTTT, etc...


Software Development and Administration


Full-Stack development with Java, C++, Scala or Kotlin leveraging frameworks like Spring, Grails, and VueJS. Create scripts in Python, PHP, JavaScript, etc...


Custom monitoring dashboards and alerts with Prometheus and Grafana. Maintain or port existing Nagios and Icinga installations.

Atlassian Admin

Install or administer Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Crowd applications. Setup Jira workflows and sprints and integrate with Confluence.


Automate and streamline software builds and deploys with Jenkins, TeamCity, Docker, Artifactory, Nexus, Maven, Gradle, CMake, etc...


Low level automation with Arduino or Raspberry PI. Create dashboards to control and monitor devices. Intelligently manage appliances on an Off-Grid solar system.

Web Development

Create static websites with Jekyll or create SPA sites using VueJS and Bootstrap. Host on Netlify, AWS, GCP, NameCheap, etc... Administer Apache, Nginx, IIS, or Drupal.


X-Monit was founded informally in January of 2017. Paul Cinnamond is the owner and primary software developer. He has over 20 years experience with projects in banking, telecom and the military. Projects in these fields require thorough background checks and sometimes TSI (top secret) clearence. X-Monit can provide affordable solutions where high security or confidentiality make offshore development too risky.

Phone, Skype, or in person consultations allow X-Monit and clients to establish trust and confidence.


X-Monit open source and proprietary software projects

EPever Tracer Modbus Java Client - GNU Open Source

Allow java, scala, or kotlin applications to communicate with EPever Tracer charge controllers in a standard way.

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